September 25, 2022
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A First Look at the Canon C300

By Phil Rhodes

Did Canon release a new camera recently, or something? A large part of the world is talking about an upgrade of the 5D, whereas the company itself is more interested in selling us a competitor to the Sony F3, and even admitting to some ambition that it'll take some of what might otherwise have... »

Contender – Makeup Artist Matthew Mungle, Albert Nobbs

By Scott Essman

Oftentimes, high-quality work in smaller-budgeted films is less recognized come awards season than those films’ older brothers, the big-budget studio tentpoles.  Case in point this year might be Albert Nobbs, both a period and foreign-produced film which manages to create a visceral world onto itself inside of an $8-million budget.  This film is a... »

The Help: Character Studies in Costume Design

By Michelle Paradis

When costume designer Sharen Davis read The Help years ago, she immediately felt a deep connection with the book. “I loved the book so much, it was really serendipitous,” Davis says about getting on board as the costume designer of the 1960s era film about African-American maid’s experiences working for white families... »

Carlos Saldanha Captures the Brazilian Vibe for Rio

By Scott Lehane

Carlos Saldanha’s charming animated film Rio tells the story of Blu – a domesticated Macaw who never learned to fly, enjoying a sheltered life with his owner Linda in Minnesota. Blu and Linda think he’s the last of his kind, but when they learn about another macaw who lives in Rio de Janeiro, they... » Makes the Grade Online

By Staff has launched an innovative new web-based service to provide professional color correction services to independent film productions. “ was born out of frustration,” said Ryan Byrne, company founder and CEO. “Simply put, we felt that this part of the post industry wasn’t set up in a way that allowed every indie filmmaker the... »

SPY Delivers Visual Effects, DI and Stereo Conversion for Coppola’s Twixt

By Staff

San Francisco-based visual effects and post house SPY, (a FotoKem company) recently contributed hundreds of visual effects shots, the digital intermediate and 3D conversion services for Francis Ford Coppola’s latest feature film, Twixt, which screened at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival. SPY’s contribution broke new ground in a number of ways, including an unprecedented... »

James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment Signs Agreement With Christie

By Staff

James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment has signed a five-year agreement with Christie to exchange R&D, testing and technical support to develop higher projector frame rates for stereoscopic 3D. Since CinemaCon 2011, Cameron has been using Christie projectors to demonstrate his higher frame rate theories. »

Rise Of A Film Franchise

By Scott Essman

In the annals of film franchises, especially in the science-fiction, fantasy and horror genres, there is nary a worthy sequel deserving of the original film. Certainly films that are of one piece, such as the Lord of the Rings movies, are considered in a different light than, say, the Jaws, Superman or Aliens... »

John Michael McDonagh Makes His Directorial Debut with The Guard

By Jack Egan

The new Irish film The Guard is an “odd couple” variation on the popular buddy-cop genre of action movies. Set in Connemara on the scenic but remote western coast of Ireland, the story centers around police efforts to bust an international drug-trafficking ring that has set up shop in the area. But that... »

AICP Survey Shows Positive Trends in Commercial Production Activity

By Staff

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) released its ninth annual Survey of the Commercial Production Industry. The study, conducted for the trade group by Resolve Market Research, a Los Angeles based market research consultancy, measures industry trends and activity in the $4.5 billion-plus commercial production industry. »

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