September 25, 2022
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The Sound of How to Train Your Dragon 2

By Michael Coleman

In this exclusive profile, SoundWorks Collection talks with Skywalker Sound re-recording mixer and sound designer Randy Thom and director Dean DeBlois about Dreamworks Animation’s animated action-adventure film How to Train Your Dragon 2. »

Contender – Production Designer Eve Stewart, Les Misérables

By Michelle Paradis

Production designer Eve Stewart’s experience on Les Misérables was a personal one. Making the film was as moving to her as the tragic and redemptive story itself. Stewart had already worked on The Kings Speech with director Tom Hooper, for which she received an Academy Award nomination along with several other projects. She has... »

Contender – Director of Photography Janusz Kaminski, Lincoln

By Jack Egan

In deciding on an appropriate look for Lincoln – powered by Daniel-Day Lewis’s mesmerizing portrayal of the nation’s 16th President and the eloquence of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tony Kushner’s screenplay – director Steven Spielberg and his long-time director of photography Janusz Kaminski opted for a “less is more” approach. »

Cloud Atlas – Epic Storytelling Created Through Epic Collaboration

By Mary Ann Skweres

Filmmaking is perhaps the most collaborative of art forms, taking the combined creative talents from the various crafts to bring the director's vision of a script to the screen. Clocking in at close to three hours, Cloud Atlas weaves together six storylines over a time span of 500 years with a cast that plays... »

Method Orchestrates the Return of the Kia Hamsters

By Staff

Method Studios, a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, recently completed work on a follow up to last year's award-winning Kia "Share Some Soul" campaign. Working again in collaboration with advertising agency David & Goliath, Method’s team of CG character specialists re-created the iconic Kia Hamsters. »

Dolby Atmos: Full Immersion in the Cinema World

By Mary Ann Skweres

Designed to help bring audiences back into theaters, Dolby Atmos is the most exciting innovation in cinema audio to be introduced since surround sound. Redefining the surround sound experience, it creates an immersive sound field by placing additional speakers overhead, giving filmmakers a new tool for artistic expression and powerful storytelling. »

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

By Scott Essman

How does a digital effects supervisor define him or herself on a massive film such as the $215 million-dollar Sony reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man? This was the challenge of David Smith, who has been with Sony Pictures Imageworks for 15 years and assumed that named role on the new summer tentpole blockbuster. “The role... »

Digital Domain Media Group and CORE Media Group to Create Virtual Elvis Presley

By Staff

Digital Domain Media Group announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with CORE Media Group to jointly develop, produce and own a series of "virtual" Elvis Presley likenesses for a range of entertainment projects – from shows and appearances to film, TV and multi-platform productions throughout the world. »

Canon to Unveil 4K Digital Cinema Cameras at NAB

By Scott Lehane

Canon will unveil new additions to its Cinema EOS line at NAB next week, including a 4K version of its EOS-1D camera, (the EOS-1D C), new EF Cinema zoom lenses, and the new C500 – a 4K cinema camera that delivers 10- bit uncompressed RGB Bayer pattern RAW data at frame rates up to... »

James Cameron Makes Successful Dive to the Mariana Trench

By Staff

Filmmaker and National Geographic explorer-in-residence James Cameron descended 35,756 feet (6.77 miles) to reach the “Challenger Deep” – the ocean’s deepest point located in the Mariana Trench – in his specially designed submersible Deepsea Challenger. The attempt was part of Deepsea Challenge – a joint scientific expedition by Cameron, National Geographic and Rolex... »

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