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Filmmaker Albert Magnoli Merged Movies and Music in Purple Rain

November 2014
Filmmaker Albert Magnoli Merged Movies and Music in <em>Purple Rain</em>

​From writing, producing, editing and directing Jazz (1979), one of the most critically-acclaimed thesis films in the last 35 years, to managing one of the most polarizing pop culture icons of all time in Prince, Albert Magnoli has undoubtedly seen and done it all in Hollywood. From 1984's Purple Rain, to 1996's TV series... »

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Cole Haddon: A Screenwriter Reinvents Dracula

August 2014
Cole Haddon: A Screenwriter Reinvents <em>Dracula</em>

For the entire history of both film and television, there have been numerous visual adaptations of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, Dracula. From 1922’s Nosferatu, the F.W. Murnau silent, to 1931’s Dracula, the Universal classic, the early history of film was ridden with Dracula interpretations. Over the succeeding decades, Hammer Films and Columbia Pictures have... »

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Dan Kramer on Edge of Tomorrow’s Visual Effects

July 2014
Dan Kramer on <em>Edge of Tomorrow</em>’s Visual Effects

Tom Cruise has been facilitating starring vehicles for himself seemingly once a year now for the better part of the past decade. This year, he has embraced a much darker, grittier movie. Edge of Tomorrow, the film adaptation of author Hiroshi Sakurazaka's novel All You Need Is Kill, directed by Doug Liman and starring... »

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