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Below the Line Screening Series Presents: Grandma

November 2015
Below the Line Screening Series Presents: <em>Grandma</em>

The Below the Line Screening Series presented a screening of Grandma at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles, Nov. 19, followed by a Q&A with director Paul Weitz, editor Jon Corn and production designers Cindy Chao and Michele Yu. »

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Director Chiemi Karasawa on Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

March 2014
Director Chiemi Karasawa on <em>Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me</em>

Chiemi Karasawa had no idea that a trip to Vartali Salon in Midtown Mahattan would lead to a year and a half filming the funny, poignant and irascible Elaine Stritch in a vérité documentary. »

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App Building: For the Term of his Natural Life

April 2013
App Building: <em>For the Term of his Natural Life</em>

Technology these days moves so fast that new opportunities to create entertainment can be a wild and exhilarating ride. One such project releasing May 2, is the interactive iPad app based on the riveting adventure of Rufus Dawes who is falsely accused of murder in 19th century London. He is transported as a convict... »

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Silver Linings Playbook – Not Another Chick Flick

February 2013
<em>Silver Linings Playbook</em> – Not Another Chick Flick

Below the Line screening members were invited last night to a screening of Silver Linings Playbook at the DGA Theater. The film played to an overflowing crowd, many of whom were viewing it for the first time. »

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Society of Camera Operators Presents Lifetime Achievement Awards

February 2012
Society of Camera Operators Presents Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Society of Camera Operators 2012 lifetime achievement awards, held Feb. 19 at the Leonard Goldenson Theater in Hollywood, began with an introduction from David Frederick on a topic near and dear to the hearts of SOC members, the support of the Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – not your usual introduction... »

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California Film Commission Hosts Locations Breakfast

April 2011

The California Film Commission held a breakfast last week to give 22 of California's location offices an opportunity to pitch their services to producers and location scouts in a “speed-dating” round table format. »

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California Film Commission To Play Matchmaker At Location Speed Dating Event

March 2011

The California Film Commission (CFC) will stage a location "speed dating" session during its annual Locations Breakfast April 1 at the Sofitel Los Angeles. The goal is to match feature film, television and commercial producers with representatives from many of the state's more than 50 local film offices. »

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Rango Wrangled For NAB

March 2011
<em>Rango</em> Wrangled For NAB

Trailblazing animation director Hal Hickel and visual effects supervisor John Knoll, both with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and production designer Crash McCreery will take audiences on a wild ride through the new frontier of animation and visual effects at the 2011 NAB Show in a session titled "Rango: The Next Step in CG... »

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Kodak to Host Free Webinar with Matthew Libatique, ASC

March 2011
Kodak to Host Free Webinar with Matthew Libatique, ASC

Kodak will host a free one-hour webinar April 6, at 11 a.m. (PDT)/2 p.m. (EDT) with Oscar-nominee Matthew Libatique, ASC talking about the format choices available to today's filmmakers. Participants will learn about options such as Super 16, 2-perf and 3-perf, as well as workflow choices from traditional photochemical to digital intermediate. Libatique will... »

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Rob Legato to Speak at DCS 2011

March 2011
Rob Legato to Speak at DCS 2011

SMPTE announced that the Oscar, Emmy, and BAFTA award winner Rob Legato will speak at DCS 2011 at NAB. A highly regarded visual effects supervisor, director, and director of photography – as well as an expert in virtual and 3D production – Legato will discuss his work on the highly anticipated 3D project from... »

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