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California Film Commission To Play Matchmaker At Location Speed Dating Event


The California Film Commission (CFC) will stage a location “speed dating” session during its annual Locations Breakfast April 1 at the Sofitel Los Angeles. The goal is to match feature film, television and commercial producers with representatives from many of the state’s more than 50 local film offices.

But unlike similar events in past years, this year’s matchmaking session comes at a time when California and its regional film offices are equipped to compete against the 40-plus U.S. states and numerous countries that offer financial incentives intended to lure film and TV production.

CFC executive director Amy Lemisch anticipates that the incentive will add what she describes as a “shot of adrenaline” to this year’s location speed dating session.

“Location decisions are increasingly based on where producers can get the best deal, and with California’s incentive in-place, our local film offices can compete with the rest of the world on a more level playing field,” she said. “Once again, California can be viewed as the first and best choice.”

Enacted in 2009 as part of a targeted economic stimulus package, California’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program is designed to curb runaway production and keep production-related spending, jobs and tax revenues in California. In its first two years, the program administered by the California Film Commission has helped keep more than 100 film and TV projects in the state. The list includes feature films such as The Social Network and No Strings Attached, the TV series Justified, and the soon-to-be released The Muppet Movie and Faster. Each was on track to shoot most or all of its scenes out of state before qualifying for the incentive.

“Having the best locations, talent and weather simply isn’t enough given today’s global competition,” added Lemisch. “With the tax credit incentive, we now have an effective tool to fight runaway production and keep one of our most important signature industries here at home, where it belongs.”

The Locations Breakfast will also feature an in-depth update from Lemisch on the status of the incentive program, which to date is responsible for $2.2 billion in direct spending within the state, including $735 million in wages paid to “below-the-line” crew members.

Ms. Lemisch recently announced that the application period for the state’s next round of film and TV tax credits will begin June 1, and that applicants are advised to apply on the first day due to overwhelming demand.

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