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2014 HPA Awards Honor Excellence in Postproduction


Leon Silverman speaks during the 2014 Hollywood Post Alliance Awards ceremony. (Photos by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging)
Leon Silverman speaks during the 2014 Hollywood Post Alliance Awards ceremony. (Photos by Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging)
The 9th Annual HPA Awards were presented at a gala evening at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles Thursday, recognizing the creative achievements of individuals and companies, as well as creative excellence and groundbreaking technologies within the postproduction industry.

Hollywood Post Alliance president, Leon Silverman, hosted the ceremony. Talking about the evolution of technology, Silverman noted that the first ceremony took place when YouTube was a few months old, Facebook was merely a year old and Netflix was still shipping DVDs.

“Our work in post has become key to making content play across a new sort of entertainment ecosystem,” said Silverman. “The people in this room continually innovate and create even more complex and even more amazing entertainment experiences. Congratulations to all of our nominees tonight for their excellent work, and to all of us for making postproduction something worth dedicating our lives to.”

Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Alan Heim (left) and Randy Roberts.
Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Alan Heim (left) and Randy Roberts.
Acknowledging that the role of editing in the postproduction is the very nexus of the content creation process, HPA recognized ACE editors Alan Heim (All That Jazz, Network, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge) and Randy Roberts (Early Edition, Chicago Hope, L.A. Law) with lifetime achievement awards.

Director Nick Cassavettes was on hand to present the award to Heim, his collaborator on a number of films, including The Notebook and Alpha Dog. Talking about the role of editing in making a film great, Cassavettes quoted Jean-Luc Goddard, “Everything that I love, I keep in and everything I do not love, I take out.” Cassavettes went on to compliment Heim for what he brings to the table, “He is very honest. He works hard. You get a frame of reference from him. He’s got exquisite taste.”

The ASC team won for developing the ASC CDL.
The ASC team won for developing the ASC CDL.
Producer, Arthur Forney (Law and Order, Chicago P.D.) talked about the role that his mentor Randy Roberts played as he was beginning his career, commenting, “You hope you find someone that believes in your talent, and in this business in particular, you are especially blessed if they help shape you as an artist and as a human being. That person for me is my dear friend, Randy Roberts. I am here tonight to celebrate his outstanding career, but I have to tell you that this man has been a major force in my life.” Roberts was brought to tears by the honor.

Notable industry presenters, including Stephen Rivkin (Avatar, Pirates of the Carribean), Doug Ibold (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Magnum, P.I.) Rob Legato (Titanic, Hugo), Dean Cundey (Apollo 13, Who Framed Roger Rabbit) and Lon Bender (Braveheart, The Hunger Games), were on hand to present the awards in 12 craft categories.

Outstanding Color Grading – Feature Film
Steven J. Scott, Technicolor

Outstanding Color Grading – Television 
Reign – Pilot
David Cole, Modern VideoFilm

Outstanding Color Grading – Commercial 
Doosan, “Heavy Industries”
Siggy Ferstl, Company 3

Outstanding Editing – Feature Film 
Captain Phillips
Christopher Rouse, ACE

Outstanding Editing – Television 
Breaking Bad, “Felina”
Skip Macdonald, ACE

Outstanding Editing – Commercial 
Nissan Juke, “Trigger”
Doobie White, Therapy Studios

Outstanding Sound – Feature Film
Glenn Fremantle, Sound 24
Skip Lievsay, Warner Bros. Sound
Christopher Benstead and Niv Adiri, Warner Bros. De Lane Lea

Outstanding Sound – Television 
Toy Story Of Terror!
Axel Geddes, Pixar Animation Studios
Tom Myers, Gary Summers, Michael Silvers and Dustin Cawood, Skywalker Sound

Outstanding Sound – Commercial 
Honda Europe, “Inner Beauty”
Anthony Moore and Tom Joyce, Factory

Outstanding Visual Effects – Feature Film
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Joe Letteri, Dan Lemmon, Erik Winquist, Keith Miller and Paul Story, Weta Digital

Outstanding Visual Effects – Television
Game of Thrones – The Children
Joe Bauer, Fire and Blood Productions
Sven Martin, Pixomondo
Jörn Grosshans, Mackevision
Thomas Schelesny, Scanline VFX
Matthew Rouleau, Rodeo FX

Outstanding Visual Effects – Commercial 
GE, “Childlike Imagination”
Benjamin Walsh, Dominik Bauch and Brian Burke, Method Studios

The Engineering Excellence Awards winners are:

MACOM: 12G-SDI Chipset
MACOM’s 12G-SDI Chipset was recognized for being the industry’s first complete chipset supporting 4K video resolutions at 60 frames per second over a single link.

NVIDIA: NVIDIA VCA (Visual Computing Appliance)
NVIDIA’s VCA is a scalable, network-attached appliance that allows editing of VFX – interactive photorealistic digital 3D models and scenes – in real time

Wohler/Cinnafilm Joint Venture: Tachyon Wormhole 
Tachyon Wormhole is a file-based Retiming and Standards Transcoding system that processes faster than real time on a single small footprint server.

The HPA Judges Award for creativity and innovation in postproduction winners are:

American Society of Cinematographers: Color Decision List (ASC CDL)
Developed by the ASC Technology Committee, the ASC CDL enables creatives to set the look of a shot via system-independent primary color corrections communicated as metadata from the set through dailies and post.

DigitalFilm Tree: Cloud Post Workflow Initiative (ProStack)
Integrating the entire spectrum of file-based workflows into one hub to enable accessible, widely deployable post production, ProStack has capacity and bandwidth needed to manage the entire post process – high-end color correction, VFX and DI workflows – into a scalable system, connecting all users via cloud storage.

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