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Jeff Beckerman Joins CVLT Production as Executive Producer


Jeff Beckerman
Jeff Beckerman

CVLT Production (aka Cult Production) has named Jeff Beckerman executive producer. Beckerman will lead the company’s postproduction operations, which include editorial, 2D/3D animation, visual effects, motion graphics and finishing.

Previously, Beckerman worked as the founder/executive producer of BOND, which specialized in editorial, animation, motion graphics, CGI and visual effects for agencies, brands and TV networks.

Beckerman was introduced to Cult this summer when he served as lead producer on a complex 60-second ad for Ralph Lauren‘s Polo Tech Shirt. Launched for the 2014 US Open tennis tournament, the project called for extensive 3D animation, motion graphics, editorial, visual effects and color grading/finishing, all within a tight three-week schedule.

“The spot turned out very well,” said Cult president Alberto Ruiz. “I appreciated how Jeff worked with the talent, communicated with the client and kept the project moving forward in a positive way, even when technical and creative challenges surfaced.”

Beckerman will join fellow executive producer Chavvah Stuart, who oversees the company’s live action and creative production services. The company’s postproduction staff includes colorist/smoke artist Michael Dwass and head of 3D, animator Tanguy Bodivit.

“Jeff is a great fit to build on the Cult brand and quality standards, specifically as it relates to automotive, healthcare and agency niches that benefit from a high-quality, integrated approach,” Ruiz noted.

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