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Academy’s Science and Technology Council Adds New Members


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Dominic Glynn, Rob Legato, Nancy Richardson, Deborah Scott, Tom Sito, and Sharon Smith Holley are the latest members to join the Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy, which includes 10,500 members from around the world, and its Science and Technology Council focus on—of course—the science and technology of motion pictures.

The council is led by Bill Baggelaar of the Production and Technology Branch and Visual Effects Branch governor Paul Debevec. Now, they have a more than impressive new round of artists in their council. Imaging and audio specialist Dominic Glynn is one of the brilliant minds at Pixar, where he helped launch the world’s first cinema release in Dolby Atmos with Brave; Rob Legato is one of the Academy Award-winning VFX wizards behind Apollo 13 and Titanic; Film Editors Branch Governor Nancy Richardson edited Love and Monsters and Thirteen; Deborah Scott is the hip and iconic Academy Award-winning costume designer behind classic films such as Back to the Future and Heat; Former Short Films and Feature Animation Branch governor Tom Sito worked on animation for Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Shrek; and Smith Holley’s visual effects credits include Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the wonderful dark comedy, Mouse Hunt.

The Council’s other returning members include Linda Borgeson, Visual Effects Branch governor Brooke Breton, Lois Burwell, Cinematographers Branch governor Paul Cameron, Teri E. Dorman, Theo Gluck, Buzz Hays, Colette Mullenhoff, Ujwal Nirgudkar, Helena Packer, David Pierce, Arjun Ramamurthy, Rachel Rose, David Schnuelle, Jeffrey Taylor, Amy Vincent, and Short Films and Feature Animation Branch governor, Marlon West.

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Vicon Introduces Mobile Mocap at SIGGRAPH

Motion capture systems developer Vicon is previewing a futuristic new “Mobile Mocap” technology at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver. Moving mocap out of the lab and into the field, Vicon's Mobile Mocap system taps several new technologies, many years in the making. At the heart of Mobile Mocap is a very small lipstick-sized camera that enables less obtrusive, more accurate facial animation data. The new cameras capture 720p (1280X720) footage at 60 frames per second. In addition, a powerful processing unit synchronizes, stores, and wirelessly transmits the data, all in a tiny wearable design.

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