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The Guild of Music Supervisors Announces New Board of Directors


Heather Guibert and Lindsay Wolfington (Credit: White Bear PR)

The fine people at The Guild of Music Supervisors have unveiled new Board of Directors. Founded in 2010, the organization is led by President Lindsay Wolfington (To All the Boys franchise) and Vice President Heather Guibert (The Americans, VEEP).  The two stepped in for President Joel C. High and Vice President Madonna Wade-Reed, both led the organization for four years. 

Here are the current Board of Directors at The Guild of Music Supervisors (the new additions are bolded):

Joel C. High

Jonathan Leahy

Howard Paar

Todd Porter

Aminé Ramer

Jennifer Smith

Robin Urdang

Andrea von Foerster

Madonna Wade-Reed

Next year, The Guild of Music Supervisors will celebrate its members with the 14th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards. It’s scheduled for March 3rd at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California.  The awards shows honors Music Supervisors from across film, television, video games, documentaries, advertising, and trailers, as well as Music Supervisors involved in original songs for film & TV.

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