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Matthews Displays Air Climber®, Litemover®, Max Menace Arm®, More at LDI Booth 1971


Matthews Airclimbers (Photo: Matthews)

Matthews Studio Equipment, the original Hollywood grip company, will be on hand in LDI booth 1971 with their specialty equipment to hold lighting, like standard-setting stands, light positioners, and more.

Highlighted will be the Matthews Air Climber® modular grip and lighting stand that reaches 25 feet/7.62 meters and holds up to 200-lbs/90kg, yet compacts down for easy transport in a standard grip truck. Air Climber is ideal for raising and supporting lights or cameras in hard-to-reach spots or narrow access points, on stage or exterior venue where a Condor or lift can’t maneuver. Its rugged leveling platform supports the pneumatically-powered telescoping, 8-section rotating mast which safely raises or lowers via the regulator switch. Built smart to set up fast and speed set-up time, it features a pan ring allowing full 360-degree rotation, so adjustments can be made in place without needing to lower the system. Four rugged tires and four leveling jacks enable quick movement and safe lockdown.

Matthews Litemover/Airclimber combo (photo: Matthews)

For the first time at LDI, attendees can check out the Litemover®, which will be paired with Matthews Air Climber. This remote controlled universal head adds safe and easy light or reflector fixture positioning, eliminating the need for riggers to scale up ladders for adjustments. The cabled handheld remote offers 6 simple buttons to provide smooth pan, tilt, and spot/flood focus adjustments. It is also fully compatible with DMX, RDM and/or wireless DMX with its built-in CRMX. Power is supplied by either a battery for wireless operation or may be cabled to suit the setup. Built strong to accommodate up to 220 pounds, Lightmover is ready to rig on Condors or big stands, in both overslung or underslung mode from a pipe grid or Menace Arm. Lightmover compactly rolls onto the location, complete in a hard wheeled case.

Also on display is the Academy Award-winning MAX Menace Arm®. Indispensable in live venues, filmsets, commercials, reality TV and music videos, it enables easy fixture placement across tricky locations. From tight spaces, sensitive architecture, or sets without pre-rigs, the Max Menace will arm into almost any location, to hold light fixtures, reflectors, cameras or even set dressing. It will support a 75 pound fixture up to 17.5 feet on the horizontal and over 20 feet in elevation. Its horizontal plane can be adjusted from 7 to 10 feet and, at an extension of 8 feet, has a capacity of 175 pounds. This mighty support can be counterbalanced by using standard weight plates or with shot bags or sandbags. On its wheels, MAX can be easily moved around the stage or location.

Matthews Max Menace Arm (Photo: Matthews)

For these offerings and more visit LDI Booth #1971 or see online at


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