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American Cinematheque’s Tribute to the Crafts Will Honor Barbie and Oppenheimer


Ryan Gosling in Barbie (Credit: Warner Bros.)

For their third annual Tribute to the Crafts, American Cinematheque is honoring films such as American Fiction, Barbie, Poor Things, and Oppenheimer, to name a few of many stories that captured audiences’ imaginations in 2023. On January 19th, at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater, cinematographers, costume designers, visual effects artists, and more crew members will celebrate exceptional work from 15 categories.

Oscar-winning sound mixer Kevin O’Connell (Barbie and Oppenheimer), as well, will receive the Career Achievement Award.

American Cinematheque board members Franklin Leonard, known for The Blacklist, and producer Paula Wagner (Mission: Impossible) are co-hosting the event. “Celebrating the artisans and craftspeople’s essential contributions to film is one of the cornerstones of our mission at American Cinematheque,” American Cinematheque’s artistic director, Grant Moninger, said in a statement. “This year the jury had over 170 feature films and documentaries to choose from, which speaks to what an incredible year this has been for moviegoing.”

Feature Film

Casting: “American Fiction” (Jennifer Euston) – Orion Pictures / Amazon MGM Studios

Choreography: “The Color Purple” (Fatima Robinson) – Warner Bros. Pictures

Cinematography: “Oppenheimer” (Hoyte van Hoytema) – Universal Pictures

Costume Design: “Poor Things” (Holly Waddington) – Searchlight Pictures

Editing: “Oppenheimer” (Jennifer Lame) – Universal Pictures

Hair & Makeup: “Maestro” (Kazu Hiro, Siân Grigg, Kay Georgiou & Lori McCoy-Bell) – Netflix
Production Design/Set Decoration: “Barbie” (Sarah Greenwood & Katie Spencer) – Warner Bros. Pictures

Score: “Killers of the Flower Moon” (Robbie Robertson) – Apple Original Films

Song: “Barbie” – “I’m Just Ken” (Mark Ronson & Andrew Wyatt) – Warner Bros. Pictures

Sound: “Maestro” (Steven Morrow, Tom Ozanich, Dean A. Zupancic, Richard King & Jason Ruder) – Netflix

Stunts: “John Wick: Chapter 4” (Scott Rogers, Stephen Dunlevy & Jeremy Marinas) – Lionsgate

Visual Effects: “The Creator” (Jay Cooper, Ian Comley, Andrew Roberts & Neil Corbould) – 20th Century Studios / New Regency


Cinematography: “Anselm” (Franz Lustig) – Sideshow & Janus Films & The Mission (Thorsten Thielow) – National Geographic Documentary Films

Editing: “Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie” (Michael Harte, ACE) – Apple Original Films

Score: “American Symphony” (Jon Batiste) – Netflix

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