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John Waters To Be Honored by American Cinema Editors


Pope of Trash
Pope of Trash exhibit (Credit: Eric Green)

People love John Waters, including the artists at American Cinema Editors (ACE). The honorary society of motion picture editors, which was founded in 1950, will honor the filmmaker with the ACE Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year Award. The statue recognizes “an artist who exemplifies distinguished achievement in the art and business of film.”

Without question, The Pope of Trash not only lives up to that bar but exceeds it.

Throughout decades, Waters and his crew told singular stories, the kind that evolved the idea of what an artist could do with a camera. “John Waters isn’t just a filmmaking icon,” stated ACE president Kevin Tent, ACE, “He’s a punk rock poet of the picture palace. With each frame, he challenges norms, skewers societal hypocrisies, and explodes cinematic expectations with subversive wit and audacious style. His films crackle with an anarchic energy that’s as intoxicating as it is hilarious and poignant. ACE is proud to celebrate his singular artistic vision that has entertained the hell out of generations.”

The 74th annual ACE Eddie Awards are scheduled for March 3rd at UCLA’s Royce Hall. Winners will be announced in 13 categories recognizing the best film editing achievements of the year. ACE will also award career achievement honors to film editors Kate Amend, ACE and Walter Murch, ACE, while Stephen Lovejoy, ACE will receive the ACE Heritage Award in, according to the press release, “recognition of his unwavering commitment to advancing the image of the film editor, cultivating respect for the editing profession, and tireless dedication to the American Cinema Editors.”

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