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ASC Announces Student Winners


The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) announced the winning films in the 2013 ASC Harris Savides Student Heritage Awards Friday night in a ceremony at the organization’s clubhouse. The awards are designed to showcase the artistic abilities of the next generation of filmmakers, with a focus on cinematographic abilities.

The winners and honorable mentions are:


WINNER: Ryan Broomberg of Chapman University with The Bright Side

HONORABLE MENTION: Petr Cikhart of AFI for First in Flight

HONORABLE MENTION: Martin Kobylarz of AFI for Wolves from Another Kingdom


WINNER: Mishka Kornai of Chapman University for Straight Down Low

HONORABLE MENTION: Nick Reinhard of Florida State University for Cootie Contagion

HONORABLE MENTION: Daniel Rink of Brooks Institute for Ai


WINNERS: Drew Heskett and Ryan Westra of Chapman University for We are the Land

HONORABLE MENTION: Dan Duran and Sam Price-Waldman of Chapman University for Wolf Mountain

Each year, the ASC Heritage Award is rededicated in memory of an individual who advanced the art and craft of cinematography. Savides was known for his stunning cinematography on such acclaimed films as The Game, The Yards, Finding Forrester, Margot at the Wedding, Zodiac and Somewhere. He was lauded for his imagery of award-winning music videos for artists including Madonna, R.E.M. and Michael Jackson.

“Harris wasn’t just an amazingly talented cinematographer, but also a wonderful person,” said Richard Crudo, ASC president. “His point of view and artistry have left a lasting impression on the filmmaking community, and for these students and the generations after them, his influence will have a profound effect.”

To qualify, professors at film schools recommended one student for each category from their school, which then submitted their film for judging. A Blue Ribbon panel of ASC members judged the more than 135 entries. The ASC Heritage Award was inaugurated for the purpose of encouraging filmmakers to pursue careers in cinematography.

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