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Cinetech Receives Anthology Film Preservation Award


Cinetech, a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group was selected by Anthology Film Archives to receive the 2012 Anthology Film Preservation award for excellence in restoration and preservation.

This honor is designed to recognize individuals and institutions committed to preserving the world’s moving image heritage.

“Cinetech has a long-standing commitment to the archival community and is honored to have been chosen to receive this award,” said Sean Coughlin, senior vice president, preservation and restoration solutions for Deluxe. “We applaud Anthology Film Archives for its ongoing stewardship of films for the independent film world.”

Anthology Film Archives has been dedicated to preserving, presenting, and promoting independent, non-commercial, and avant-garde cinema for over 40 years. In addition to hosting nearly 1,000 public programs in its theaters every year, with dozens of filmmakers and artists in person to present their work, Anthology maintains a major collection of more than 20,000 films and 5,000 videos, and preserves an average of 25 films each year (with more than 900 preserved to date). Anthology’s research library holds the world’s largest collection of paper materials documenting the history of American and international film and video as art and is regularly accessed by scholars, writers, artists, curators and students. Anthology is currently working on a major digital initiative to make its collections universally accessible online.

Since 1992, Anthology has recognized the dedication of individuals and institutions who have made significant contributions to the understanding and preservation of our film heritage through its Film Preservation Award. “Cinetech was selected for this year’s Anthology Film Archives Preservation Honors because of its superb work in restoration and preservation,” Anthology’s director of library collections, Robert Haller, said. “(Cinetech is) one of the few West Coast labs deeply committed to the restoration and preservation of both commercial and independent films.”

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