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Society of Camera Operators Announces This Year’s Camera Operator of the Year Nominees in Film, Television


From the set of Society of the Snow (photo provided by SOC)

The prestigious Society of Camera Operators (SOC) has announced the nominees for its Camera Operator of the Year awards for the Film and Television categories. Honorees will be awarded live and in-person at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood on Saturday, February 24, 2024, during the annual Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards.

“We’re excited to celebrate the extraordinary work of these camera operators,” Matthew Moriarty, SOC President shared. “No matter what happened in 2023, the show goes on and excellence must be honored.”

The SOC would like to congratulate this year’s nominees:

Camera Operator of the Year – Film Nominees:

Mick Froehlich, SOC, Leave the World Behind

Geoffrey Haley, SOC, Chevalier

Ari Issler, Boston Strangler, with Nick Müller, “B” Camera / Steadicam Operator

Andrew ‘AJ’ Johnson, SOC, Carmen

Juanjo Sánchez, SOC, Society of the Snow, with Manuel Branáa, Operator de Cámara B

Don Devine, SOC (photo provided by SOC)

Camera Operator of the Year – Television Nominees:

Dominic Bartolone, SOC, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, S2E6 “Beat L.A.”, with Jessica Cannon, “B” Camera Operator, Justin Cameron, SOC, “C” Camera Operator, and John Lyke, Rollerblade Camera Operator

Neal Bryant, SOC, The Last of Us, S1E3 “Long, Long Time”, with Carey Toner, Camera Operator

Don Devine, SOC, Barry S4E2 “Bestest Place on Earth”, with Neal Bryant, SOC, “B” Camera / Steadicam Operator

Mitch Dubin, SOC, Fargo S5E1 “The Tragedy of the Commons”, with Francois Archambault, SOC, “B” Camera Operator

Gary Malouf, The Bear S2E10 “The Bear”, with Chris Dame, “B” Camera Operator

In recognition of the industry’s ongoing challenges, the SOC has made deliberate modifications to the traditional ceremony, encompassing theater seating, and an innovative awards format. Hosted at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood, the upcoming Lifetime Achievement Awards will serve as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the community.

The SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards are given in recognition of outstanding achievement by an established person within the field of film and video production. For further information about the SOC and the awards visit SOC.Org.

Instagram: @SocietyOfCameraOperators

Facebook: @Societyofcameraoperators

The Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards:

The Lifetime Achievement Awards will be on February 24, 2024, honoring the art and craft of camera operating and production crew. Past Awards have featured a red-carpet show, dinner, and a live stream of the Awards ceremony. More details for the upcoming awards will be released soon. For further information about the Awards seats, sponsorship, and all other details, visit

About the Society of Camera Operators:

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) advances the art, craft, and creative contributions of the Camera Operator. The SOC is an internationally recognized professional honorary society. The core activities of the Society are the annual SOC Awards, publishing the Society’s magazine Camera Operator and our charitable commitment to The Vision Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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