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Society of Camera Operators Announces Awards Nominees


The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) announced the nominees for its camera operator of the year for film and camera operator of the year for television awards.  These awards are two of the highlights of the 21st Lifetime Achievement Awards, scheduled for March 9 at The Leonard Goldenson Theatre at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood. The black-tie gala will benefit the Vision Care Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The 2013 nominees for camera operator of the year in film are:

Mitch Dubin, SOC for Lincoln (Dreamworks)
Peter Robertson, ACO, SOC for Anna Karenina (Focus Features)
Colin Anderson, SOC for The Master (The Weinstein Company)
Lukasz Bielan, SOC for Life of Pi (20th Century Fox)
Duane C. Manwiller for The Hunger Games (Lionsgate)

The 2013 nominees for camera operator of the year in television are:

Nick Davidoff, SOC for Homeland (Showtime)
Tony Gaudioz for House (FOX)
Jeff Muhlstock, SOC for Smash (NBC)
Chris Murphy for Newsroom (HBO)
Andrew Voegeli for Breaking Bad (AMC)

For feature films, Colin Anderson, SOC, nominee for The Master, was a previous SOC camera operator of the year “CAMMY” award winner for the year 2011 for the Ben Affleck directed film The Town. Mitch Dubin, SOC is a previous nominee for his work on Steven Spielberg’s War Horse in 2012.

On the TV side, Tony Gaudioz was a previous nominee for his work on Fox’s House at the 2010 awards. All of the other nominees for both film and television are first time honorees.

“The films and television projects that our society members have nominated for these two awards are distinguished in the fact that they are pictures and programs that have the camera operation authored by a talented camera operator,” said David Frederick, SOC. “Our specific craft is elegantly delineated as a valuable contribution to these projects, carried out through the knowing eye and intuitive hands of a professional camera operator. This is something that we proudly salute.”

“The exciting moment of the night occurs when the envelope is opened and the camera operators of the year are declared winners,” said Chris Tufty, SOC president. “None of the nominees are aware of the outcome, so the electricity and expectations are high.”

In addition, the SOC will honor the recipients of its 2013 Lifetime Achievement Awards. These awards recognize individuals and works that have exemplified a lifetime of the finest standards of camera operating and the role of the camera operator and allied fields in the motion picture and television industry.

The Lifetime Achievement Awards recipients are:

Camera Operator – Bruce MacCallum SOC
Camera Technician – Baird Steptoe
Still Photographer – Melissa Moseley, SMPSP
Mobile Camera Platform Operator – Brad Rea
President’s Lifetime Award – Kyra Sedgwick
Distinguished Service Award – Woody Omens, ASC
Historical Shot Award – Peter Robertson, ACO for his work on the Dunkirk Beach Steadicam shot in Atonement.

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