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Star Trek Icons Michael and Denise Okuda to Receive Eagle-Con Prism Award


Michael Okuda
Michael Okuda
Graphic designer Michael Okuda and graphic artist Denise Okuda, both long-time members of the Art Directors Guild (IATSE Local 800), are set to receive the prestigious Eagle-Con Prism Award to be presented by California State University Los Angeles on May 8.

Michael and Denise Okuda are iconic figures in the Star Trek universe. They were part of the Star Trek production team at Paramount Pictures and CBS for more than two decades, co-wrote the Star Trek Encyclopedia and continue to be involved in various Star Trek areas. Both currently serve as visual consultants on the high-definition remastering of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Michael Okuda has been credited on more Star Trek movies and television episodes than anyone except series creator Gene Roddenberry.

Eagle-Con is Cal State L.A.’s mini indie comic book convention. The Prism Award is given in recognition of the envisioning and projection of a diverse and representative spectrum of people into the future through artistic media.

Michael Okuda designed the look of animated computer displays for the Enterprise A-bridge in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. He joined the team producing Star Trek: The Next Generation where his most famous contribution is the graphic user interface of the fictional LCARS computer system used throughout Starfleet starships. In homage to its creator, this visual style has come to be known among fans as “okudagrams.”

Michael Okuda was technical consultant on many of the Star Trek television shows and movies and “invented” the so-called Heisenberg compensator as a way to explain how Star Trek’s fictional transporter might work.

In the real world Okuda has designed logos for NASA missions and has received the NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal.

Denise Okuda worked as a graphic artist and was the computer and video playback supervisor for several Star Trek film and television productions, as well as other science fiction shows ranging from Threshold to The Flash. She co-authored the Star Trek Encyclopedia and the Star Trek Chronology.

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