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Magic Box Editorial Relies on Avid MediaCentral Platform for HGTV Series Rent or Buy


Nashville-based Magic Box Editorial is using the new Avid MediaCentral Platform to create the popular HGTV series Rent or Buy. The platform enables the company to streamline editorial workflows and facilitates remote collaboration between contributors.

The popular series follows first-time homeowners around the country as they weigh pros and cons of different properties, and decide whether to rent or buy. The production company behind Rent or Buy is located in Los Angeles, so Magic Box Editorial needed a post workflow that would enable close collaboration across long distances.

“More and more, post facilities like Magic Box Editorial are finding it necessary to connect and collaborate with media professionals everywhere, regardless of where in the world they are located,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of products and technology at Avid.

Magic Box Editorial’s workflow is based around the Interplay | Production Facility Bundle, which includes Media Composer editing software, ISIS shared storage and Interplay Production media management. The MediaCentral Platform provides Magic Box with essential shared services, including media search and access services, workflow orchestration services, and unified user administration and configuration.

“We need proven and trusted solutions that enable us to streamline production, reduce operational costs, and deliver the highest-quality content to clients,” said Mark Mitchell, president of Magic Box Editorial. “Even though we are located in Nashville, our Avid solutions allow us to easily collaborate with clients in Los Angeles and other major media markets using the same proven and trusted workflows they are accustomed to.”

“As a small business we have to make solid investments in technology that can grow with our company,” Mitchell explained. “When it comes to creating reality TV programming, Avid is the industry standard.”

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