Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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“A Date Certain” –WGA quietly announces the official start of talks


Even the WGA’s website — rather than carry an announcement of their own — chooses to link to the recent Variety article noting the Writers Guild councils have “quietly” approved a July 16 start — that’s just after Bastille Day, for anyone keeping track — to official talks with the AMPTP.

The article also cites “anecdotal” evidence of stockpiling of scripts, studios trying to “get ahead” with material, etc.

As long as Beverly Hills isn’t burning then, too, and both sides are in fact free to concentrate on negotiations, and not on trying to get their pet shar-peis and their second/third cars out of the canyons in time, perhaps the hoped for “idylls” of summer won’t be so idle.

More as it happens.

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