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AP: “…most contentious… in recent memory…”


Perhaps it’s the polarizing age we live in, the message pounded in to us by our politicians, various religious “leaders,” even in our entertainment: Give no quarter!

Everybody wants to be a Spartan.

Which may be fine, in certain historical contexts — historical battles changing the flow of history, etc. — but provides an ethos which may not be conducive to, how shall we say this? — longterm survival.

The WGA and the AMPTP ratchet up the rhetoric — and the “negotiation” phase is barely 48 hours young…

Writers, studios clash as Hollywood labor talks get underway

By Gary Gentile, The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood studios came out swinging in talks with film and TV writers, making their proposals public in a rare display of candor.

The two sides began meeting on Monday for what is shaping up to be one of the most contentious contract negotiations in recent memory. The talks, which many fear could lead to a strike, are being closely watched by actors and directors, whose contracts expire next year.

Studios told writers they could either agree to a three-year study on how to share revenue from digital distribution or accept a deal that delays payment until producers have recouped their costs.

Producers also dismissed writers’ demands for a bigger share of digital revenue, saying such a system “would impose unreasonable costs and Draconian restrictions.”

Typically, labor talks in Hollywood are conducted under a news blackout, with only occasional statements of progress, especially at such an early stage. The Writers Guild of America’s contract doesn’t expire until Oct. 31.
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Releasing detailed proposals on the first day of negotiations is rare and a sign that studios are taking a much tougher stance than usual.

The WGA posted a terse response on its website late Monday along with its own list of proposals.

“The conglomerates always try to paint us as unreasonable and bellicose,” the WGA statement said. “Our proposals simply try to ensure that writers keep up with the industry’s growth. That’s fair and reasonable.”

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