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AP: SAG Negotiations Will Have To Wait


So much for that A-lister squad that wanted to get things wrapped early! Still, it’s dubious SAG will be able to pull of a strike of their own, with the writers having gone out “early.”

SAG Negotiations Will Have To Wait

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Screen Actors Guild says it will not begin negotiating with studios until the beginning of April at the earliest.

Leaders of the guild announced the timetable in a letter sent to members Wednesday, saying it had to finish gathering input about wages and working conditions from its 120,000 members.

The process is set to end March 31.

The guild says it would then set a date for the beginning of talks after consulting with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, a union representing 70,000 other performers and journalists.

The three-year contract ends June 30.

The board of the guild’s New York chapter has adopted a resolution demanding that talks begin no later than March 31.

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