Sunday, September 24, 2023
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BTL Blog Exclusive: WGA Preparing “Plan B” — negotiate with individual companies?


Over the weekend, BTL has received credible information that the WGA may have a “Plan B” in the works, if the AMPTP comes back tomorrow with an anemic, dead-in-the-water counteroffer.

Namely, the Guild may begin the process of negotiating with each of the individual production companies and studios separately. Apparently, there is nothing requiring that they only negotiate with the AMPTP en toto.

There’s some precedent for this: IA locals in the 70’s struck similar “individual” deals with studios, which ultimately won higher wages all around.

If this happens, and more and more corporations can be peeled away from the “Nick Counter hardline position,” then the remaining pressure on the holdouts — to get their people back to work — will be enormous.

Of course, if “Tuesday’s child” is a workable offer, none of this need come to pass.

Stay tuned!

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