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From Omaha: (Production) Checks bounce before credits roll


Some germane news from “location” in Nebraska, viz. the Axium collapse. Meanwhile, the quasi off-the-record WGA/AMPTP talks continue in light of the DGA’s “de fact settlement,” and we’ll post ’em as we get ’em…

Checks bounce before credits roll

Some members of the crew of an Omaha-filmed movie are holding worthless paychecks following the collapse of a Hollywood payroll company, and the film’s Nebraska production company might lose the money it needed to finish the movie.

“There’s no question that the Axium bankruptcy impacted a great deal of people in Omaha,” said Dana Altman, one of three producers of the film “Lovely, Still.” “It’s not just the employees, it’s also the film production company that is reeling. It’s affected us all.”

The bankruptcy filing also has had an impact on Fortune 500 companies outside the entertainment industry.

Axium International Inc., a payroll and accounting services provider based in Los Angeles, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection Jan. 8. The filing effectively locked up wages owed to contract employees for work done for large companies, such as UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Northwest Airlines, and small firms, like Overture Street Films, a Nebraska company that formed to make “Lovely, Still.”

Written and directed by Omaha native and Millard West graduate Nik Fackler, the film stars Academy Award-winners Ellen Burstyn and Martin Landau. It was filmed Nov. 12 through Dec. 21 in Omaha-area locations.

Altman said about 45 people whom Axium provided to work on “Lovely, Still” could face trouble when cashing paychecks, most from their last week of work. The affected check recipients are from nine states, including Nebraska and Iowa.

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