Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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“It looks like — the strike is going to happen.”


This is from an email BTL was sent today, by a production coordinator we know:

I got emails from both my union and my agent this morning that it looks like – the strike is going to happen. Although, it still has to be put to a vote – the Producers are giving an ultimatum to SAG on June 30th. Ugh.

Any way – TV is where it is at. AFTRA holds a lot of those contracts and Reality and Game Shows are not governed by any guilds. Some pilots may be doing some “nifty” AFTRA contracts to get projects moving.

Hopefully it will be quick, it is not going to get support by the community who is just starting to get back on its feet.

So what I am going to do is go on the hunt for TV, Reality etc.. also any indie’s that pay a decent day rate.

Interesting analysis about the split between AFTRA and SAG affecting the two “tiers” of production differently — which means, how long will management want to go — if they’re bringing in TV revenue — without starting features?

Our source signed the email “cheers.”

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