Monday, April 15, 2024
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Lookin’ Good, but not quite Monday


So word is pouring/leaking/emanating from the West Coast WGA that the negotiating committee’s deal is well received by the membership, and hey, said committee is recommending ratification.

But the strike won’t end until that happens, and now the actual voting will apparently take place on Tuesday. Which means things won’t start back up then ’til Wednesday, at the earliest.

All of which makes Monday an odd duck of a day ’round town: The strike, technically speaking, will still be going on, except that everyone will know that it isn’t.

Will there be picket lines? If so, why, since this is a recommended deal?

If not, will there be any furtive crossings of the non-lines, as some get a jumpstart on the whole “back to work thing?”

Will there be some

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