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NBC Set to Pull Plug on Globes Telecast?


That’s the headline on a story that just went up on MSNBC. If so, NBC’s yanking of the broadcast — which will allow the awards to go on in non-broadcast “live” fashion, like Hollywood award shows in days of yore — may represent the first real “hit” taken by the conglomerate side of the strike equation (operating on the assumption the studios wanted to shed a lot of those cancelled shows…) Let’s see if this award show “model” spreads to the really high-revenue Oscar telecast, eh?

Meanwhile, a snippet from the MSNBC article:

NBC set to pull the plug on Globes telecast?

Source says network likely to make announcement this week

NEW YORK – The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and NBC engaged in 11th-hour sessions Sunday to try to save the boycott-stricken Golden Globes, but the network apparently is poised to pull the telecast as a result of the Hollywood writers strike.

A source close to NBC told that the network has already made its decision to pull the Golden Globes telecast, and to expect an announcement confirming the telecast cancellation on Tuesday or Wednesday.

“NBC feels that it’s better to have an awards show with no one watching than have a show where no one shows up,” the source told “They decided this over the weekend, despite saying that they’re still negotiating. Now, what hasn’t been decided is what they’re going to do with all that airtime, and that’s why they haven’t made an announcement yet.”

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