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Not so fast!: SAG and studios break off talks


Sure! The economy’s in the crapper, along with the dollar, and Hollywood has barely recovered from the writer’s strike! Let’s have another! We won’t need to worry whether the film biz is “recession proof” — we’ll just keep having shutdowns during the recession!

Or does this simply mean that AFTRA will make the “blueprint” that SAG will need to settle for? Much as the DGA’s settlement forced the WGA’s hand?

From the International Herald Tribune, via AP:

Major studios broke off three weeks of contract talks with the Screen Actors Guild without an agreement, stoking fears of renewed Hollywood labor unrest after a 100-day writers’ strike that ended in February.

News of the stalemate came in a statement from the studios’ bargaining agent, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, late Tuesday night about 90 minutes after a self-imposed deadline for reaching a settlement had passed.

The alliance statement blamed “SAG’s continued adherence to unreasonable demands,” citing the union proposals to increase the residual payments actors earn for DVD sales as one of the main stumbling blocks.

Other differences singled out by the studios included union demands pertaining to residuals for Internet streaming of entertainment content and other areas of new media.

SAG said its negotiators had reduced its demands and asked the alliance to continue negotiating.

You can read more right here

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