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Poster beats Wexler for ICG Presidency


As was reported over the weekend, Steven Poster defeated Haskell Wexler for the Presidency of Local 600, the International Cinematographer’s Guild. Poster won by over 300 votes — 1, 391 to Wexler’s 1,023 (though by percentages it’s all very solid: 57.6% to 42.4%).

Winning candidate Steven Poster

Wexler’s candidacy was generally viewed as the “insurgency” slate — he wanted to focus more on what he viewed as workplace abuses of IA workers (as per his documentary “Who Needs Sleep?), and didn’t appear overly-concerned with placating the various union/studio powers-that-be over the issue.

Poster issued a statement shortly thereafter: ““Our campaign focused on issues, laying out exactly what we wanted to accomplish, and the members responded by giving us a mandate. We pledge to fight for more jobs, including the training needed to stay ahead of the curve with new and hybrid technology, to rebuild Local 600’s respect in the industry, and to strengthen our ties with the International and the other IA locals that we bargain alongside. Now we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”

The mention of rebuilding “Local 600’s respect in the industry” is Poster’s way of making it clear that his election brings to an end the whole “Gary Dunham” era for ICG, where the local found itself allied with “extra-union”, non-IA authorized groups like FTAC — the Film and Television Action Committee — which focused on job flight (particularly to Canada).

Poster appears to be taking a more, well, local — and practical– course, focusing on the retraining that will hopefully keep his members busily working as new digital gear replaces the last of the film machines.

We wish him well! Watch this site, and issues of Below the Line itself, for more 600 news as it happens…!

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