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Florida Lawmakers Want To Bring Movies Back To The Sunshine State


South Florida Lawmakers Want To Bring Movie Production Back To Sunshine State.

Florida is one of only 17 states without a film production incentive.

Last week, two South Florida lawmakers brought up a Bill to bring the movies back to their state.

Sen. Annette Taddeo, D-Miami, and Florida Rep. David Silvers, D-West Palm Beach, have filed bills in their respective branches to reestablish Florida’s once-burgeoning film industry.

Under the proposal, SB 1606, would allow the state to fund select projects, and aims to bring movies with $1 to $8 million budgets to Florida. Productions would be greenlit on a merit-based system in which certain provisions must be met.

In 2010, the Florida legislature granted $292 million in film production incentives to the state. But by 2014, all that money was used up. Florida lawmakers have voted for seven straight years against film production tax incentives for the state. What was once third in the country for film and television production, behind California and New York, has currently fallen out of the top 10, behind states like its northern neighbor of Georgia.

Not only would this provide more jobs and money, but all businesses, both small and large associated with the film and TV industry would benefit from a healthy local production schedule. Let’s hope the lawmakers vote Yes and put Florida back on the right track.

Article from local 10 news South Florida:

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