Monday, April 15, 2024
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SAG Pow-wow last night — what strategy in a “non-strike” atmosphere?


So word has to come to BTL of a big SAG Pow-wow last night, at a proverbial undisclosed location: Board members, A-listers, etc. Some of whom signed a recent “start the talks now!” ad that’s been making the rounds.

And while there’s a certain mum-ness about the details, suffice it to say there was spirited talk about how to proceed and what to ask for, specifically, in this post-WGA no-collective-stomach-left for a strike atmosphere right now. And what do we do about AFTRA?, etc.

Once SAG and the WGA decided not to have a joint strike — the writers couldn’t wait that long, due to the stockpiling of scripts that would’ve occurred — the “thesp” position became much trickier, especially now that their erstwhile allies have settled.

More as it happens.

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