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The weekend's hottest rumor: WGA deal to be announced Monday (?) (Sat. update: NY Times waxes hopeful, too)


So, yes, we’re hearing some “sourced rumoring,” though of course, no one will actually go on record to confirm such a thing “prematurely.”

But that is what we hear, and given the DGA “template,” and the impending Oscars, it would all make sense.

Additionally, the rapidly unfolding recession makes a prolonged strike unpalatable for all sides — even the owners (who’ve been able to shed those production deals, and can now view their “bottom lines” in new terms).

Of course, by Monday, we’ll know whether to buy those sources a drink or not. Stay tuned. Throw down your own intelligence-via-the-grapevine right here, if you wanna.

Saturday update:

the NY Times’ Michael Cieply is similarly smitten by optimism, filing this story:

Deal to End Hollywood Writers’ Strike May Be Near

LOS ANGELES — Informal talks between representatives of Hollywood’s writers and production companies eliminated the major roadblocks to a new contract, opening the prospect of a tentative agreement between the parties as early as next week, according to people who were briefed on the situation but requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak.

A deal would end a crippling writers strike that is now entering its fourth month.

The agreement may come without renewed formal negotiations between the parties, though both sides still need to agree on specific language of key provisions. If that process goes smoothly, an agreement may be presented to the governing boards of the striking Writers Guild of America West and Writers Guild of America East by the end of next week, the people said.

The breakthrough occurred Friday after two weeks of closed-door discussions between the sides. Even if approved by leaders of the guilds, a deal would require ratification by a majority of the more than 10,000 active guild members.

(More at the link…)

So early in the week? End of the week?

We’ll take either…

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