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Tips on where to find financial help, counseling, etc., during the ongoing maelstrom…(i.e., contacts for the Actors Fund)


Just passed along to BTL from one of the TV fan blogs — contains useful information…:

Okay after much research and a couple of phone calls I have finally figured out some helpful emails and phone numbers that anyone working in the
industry can use

By far the most important and the first place anyone (writer, crew member, actor, etc) can and should approach first is The Actors Fund in NYC

For financial aid / emergencies call 212-221-7300 x 119 That is the extension of Lucy Seligson who is the intake director over at the NYC

She can be reached by email to [email protected] while a more general backup email is [email protected]

The good thing about the Actors Fund is that it is nationwide and helps anyone who works in the entertainment industry plus their people are very well-informed about the many assistance programs out there that entertainment industry professionals can use. They also offer more than financial aid and counseling, but mental health counseling and career counseling to name just two other potentially useful programs.

Here are the other office contacts for people in other parts of the country:

Central Region (i.e. the Chicago office)
Don Towne [email protected]

Western Region (i.e the Los Angeles office):
323.933.9244 ext. 55 [email protected]
Also you can speak with Keith McNutt, the Director of the LA office at
323.933.9244 ext. 14

Be sure to check out the website at



Hope this helps someone…feel free to pass the information along!

S.E. Olson
Moderator and Law & Order Criminal Intent Fan Liason

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