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Views from the Trenches – #1


At Below the Line we have been receiving several letters from working crew and their families who are affected by the WGA strike. In the interest of airing these views, and letting people assess the strike’s full impact, we will publish some of them online, such as the one below. If you would like send your own comment, click on Feedback at www.btlnews.com.

My name is Denise Franks. I have no affiliation with WGA or with AMPTP

I am the 38-year-old wife of a Local 44 member. I have two children, and I have many family members and friends in the movie industry.

Like many, my husband and I recall the last strike and how, as a young couple with a newborn, we took large hits to our lives. Recovery from that was nearly impossible and without the help of my parents we never would have made it. I never imagined I would be faced again with the prospect of calling my parents, asking them if my family could move in with them because there is no income to support us.

I am one of hundreds working below the line who fear of losing what little we have right now. I just couldn’t stand not at least giving a voice to the people who gain nothing from this cause, but who will be the first to suffer for this cause, and the last to recover from it. Without a doubt we will not be compensated for our sufferings.

This letter is being handed out to strikers, the news networks and the Governor’s office. Many wives and children are ready to be heard. We want to try to make these two forces end this suffering now and take responsible action to resolve this strike. We need them to hear us.

Denise Franks
Canyon Country, Calif.

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