Thursday, April 18, 2024
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From Daily Kos: Fans United for Writers Strike


Politics and showbiz continue to merge. The following is from the Daily Kos political blog, announcing a “fan boycott” of DVDs until the strike is settled. (interestingly, there is no mention made of actually boycotting the box office itself). Thoughts, Below the Liners?:

Christmas Buying Pledge (and it will extend to after the Christmas Season or until the strike ends)

1. I will not buy any DVDs or Blue Ray Discs
2. I will not watch any FREE streaming shows of ‘The Office’ or any other content on the networks websites
3. I will not download any episodes from Itunes or any pay site

Please pass this around and let’s stand together with the writer’s this Holiday Season.

If Black Friday isn’t so Black, maybe that will send the producer’s back to the table and provide a great Holiday gift to ALL of Hollywood — JOBS.

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