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Brian Lawlor Steps down from IATSE, Phil Locicero Elected by GEB


International vice president and co-director of Stagecraft, Brian J. Lawlor, announced his resignation Thursday afternoon at the IATSE general executive meeting in Vancouver, B.C.  Lawlor, elected to the Union’s executive board in the winter of 2004, has been a full-time representative of the Alliance since 2000.

Lawlor will remain in the general office through the end of August, then move back to his hometown of Orlando, Fl. Although vacating his posts as a vice president and co-director of the Stagecraft department, he will continue working as a representative at the direction of the international president and reporting to the Stagecraft department.

Lawlor stated that he was operating under the “life is too short theory” and has been contemplating this move for over a year. “I found it ironic that my first GEB meeting was 25 years ago in Vancouver as the newly elected business agent of Local 631 in Orlando, and the time just feels right to enter the next stage of my life,” Lawlor said.

“I appreciate the time that Brian spent in the general office in New York, and look forward to continuing to benefit from his talents in service of the many members he works on behalf of,” International president Matthew D. Loeb said.

International vice presidents Dan DiTolla and Tony DePaulo remain co-directors of the Stagecraft department.

The general executive board unanimously elected Local 478 president Phil Locicero to fill the vacancy as of Friday.  International vice president Locicero has been an IA member since 1989 and served as president of Local 478 since 1994.

“Phil’s commitment, service and dedication to the IATSE have spanned more than two decades,” Loeb said. “I have personally witnessed his steadfast support of the members, be it on picket lines, in negotiations and in numerous other ways. Phil is a leader and a welcome addition to the GEB.”

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