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DGA Promotes Executives Neil Dudich, Daniel Tenkman


DGA national executive director Jay Roth announced the promotion of two guild executives. Neil Dudich has been promoted to associate eastern executive director, based in the guild’s New York offices, and Daniel Tenkman has been promoted to assistant executive director in Los Angeles.

“I’m pleased to announce the promotions of two exceptional guild team members,” said Roth. “Neil has a deep understanding of the guild’s contracts and strong relationships with council members, and he is dedicated to advocating on behalf of their creative and economic rights. He will be a valuable addition to the guild’s senior executive team. Daniel has proven to be a committed and passionate advocate for our members working in commercials, and his knowledge of new trends and technology in the digital realm will prove vital as he ensures that our members’ rights are protected in the growing and rapidly-evolving genre of new media.”

Dudich joined the DGA in 2007 as assistant executive director in the New York office. In that role, he was responsible for the negotiation and administration of most of the DGA’s news, sports, operations and local agreements. Dudich also served as staff liaison to the Eastern AD/SM/PA council as well as the Eastern diversity steering committee. Since early 2013, Dudich has worked with the Eastern AD/UPM council and oversees all issues related to assistant directors and unit production managers on the East Coast. He is also now responsible for managing the guild’s field representatives in the eastern region. Dudich will continue to report to associate national executive director/Eastern executive director Russ Hollander. Dudich came to the DGA from the New York State United Teachers, where he served as in-house counsel specializing in the representation of professionals on a wide range of labor and employment matters. He received his B.A. from Boston University, his J.D. from St. John’s University, and will receive his MBA from New York University‘s Stern School of Business in June.

Tenkman joined the DGA in 2005, organizing special events for DGA members as part of the special projects department. In 2010, Tenkman was promoted to independent filmmaker events manager, where he worked on the guild’s efforts to identify opportunities for organizing and outreach to emerging talent in the indie film world, including through film festivals and the independent directors committee West. In 2011, Tenkman began working on issues related to new media and commercials, in addition to his independent film responsibilities, as a special assignments executive. In his new role, he is involved in the negotiation and enforcement of the guild’s commercial and new media contracts. He reports to associate national executive director/Western executive director Bryan Unger and associate national executive director/Eastern executive director Russ Hollander. Tenkman received his B.A. from the University of Kentucky and his MFA in film production from Florida State University.

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