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AES Standards Committee Forms New Working Group


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Bruce Olson
Bruce Olson
Bruce Olson, chair of the AES standards committee announced the creation of a new standards working group, SC-04-08, which will work on measurement and equalization of sound systems in rooms. Ben Kok, an acoustic consultant from the Netherlands, will serve as chairman of the working group.

Two newly initiated projects have been assigned to the group, developed from an initial proposal presented by the AES technical committee on sound for digital cinema and television, chaired by Brian McCarty.

First, “AES-X218: Measurement and calibration of sound systems in rooms” will try to document parameters affecting the audience experience of a sound system in a generalized room, and identify appropriate objective methods of measurements to quantify them. The intent is to identify tools and procedures to measure the performance of a loudspeaker system in a room, and support accurate, reliable calibration of this system to a specified performance. The findings of the working group will be published in an AES standards information document.

The measurement of sound systems in rooms currently relies on empirical measurement techniques developed in the 1970s. This project will review the parameters that affect the audience experience, and the objective methods of measurement necessary to quantify them. This will provide a basis for more detailed standardization for measurements and calibration protocols for controllable parameters.

Second, “AES-X219: Method of measurement for frequency and impulse response of sound systems in auditoria” will try to specify a method of measurement for frequency and impulse response of sound systems in auditoria. The project is intended to produce a new standard, and the development discussions are expected to draw on modern measurement techniques.

The first meeting of the new working group will be held at the 134th AES Convention in Rome, May 4-7.

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