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Asylum Entertainment Taps Shutterstock for Stock Footage


Gangsters: America’s Most Evil
Gangsters: America’s Most Evil

New York-based stock footage provider Shutterstock recently began an ongoing relationship with Asylum Entertainment. The Emmy/Peabody award-winning production company is using stock footage for most of its programming, including Gangsters: America’s Most Evil for A&E and The Bio Channel.

“It’s been a pleasure working with producer Kalyan Vindhya of Asylum Entertainment,” said Cherie Park, Shutterstock’s regional sales manager, west. “Their reputation for documentaries and original reality series, as well as scripted projects like The Kennedys, is well known. We’re excited about helping them find the exact footage that fits their needs for ongoing projects such as Gangsters, as well as other projects they bring to us. We have such a wide-range of stock footage that we know our library will have everything they need.”

“Cherie was instrumental in creating a deal which addressed our needs,” said Vindhya. “Shutterstock has the quality of clips and the ability to download from online quickly. When we are on a quick turnaround, it is reassuring to know that we can get Shutterstock clips that same day.

“Recently, we called on Shutterstock to provide us with high quality generic and out-of-the-box shots for our latest clip-heavy episode of Gangsters,” he said. “This time it was all about finding shots of airplanes (flying and landing), arrests, crime scenes and establishing shots of cities. Their library is set up so well that it is easy to find exactly what we need in a short time.”

Asylum Entertainment’s Gangsters: America’s Most Evil is only the first of a series of projects that will rely on Shutterstock footage. While the producers continue to pull support images for this series, they will also be calling on Shutterstock for images to open up another new series, End of Days.

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