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Awaken Your Inner Muse at the October Editors’ Lounge


The Editors’ Lounge panel series will return, Oct. 25 with a discussion on “Channeling The Muse.” The Ancient Greeks believed the Muses inspired creativity. This panel of creative editors will bypass the usual technical discussion and instead dig deep to find out how they foster an environment that allows for creative inspiration. Hosted by AlphaDogs Post Production, the event will be held at Key Code Media in Burbank, Calif.

Working in a highly technical, fast-paced medium that’s ever changing can cramp ones inspiration when it comes to storytelling. Endless codecs, insane deadlines and demanding clients do not exactly encourage a creative spirit. While creativity typically cannot be forced, there are techniques that industry veterans have found effective when it comes to summoning their “inner Muse,” leading to those creative “aha moments.”

Moderated by journalist, Debra Kaufman (Creative Cow, MobilizedTV) the panel will include such veteran editors as Zack Arnold, editor (Burn Notice, Glee), and writer/director of the documentary Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story; editor/director, Ryan Case, (Modern Family, Brooklyn Nine-Nine); editor, Jay Lash Cassidy (Silver Lining Playbook, Into The Wild, An Inconvenient Truth), and Dan Lebental, editor (Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 2), and creator of TouchEdit for i-Pad.

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