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Behind the Scenes Calls for Donations for By Design Day 2015


Behind the Scenes, a charity dedicated to helping industry professionals who are seriously ill or injured, has scheduled its 2015 By Design Day for April 24. The organization, (spearheaded by the PLASA Foundation), is urging members of the design community across the U.K. and North America to give back to the community by making a donation, holding a collection or perhaps even donating a day’s royalties to Behind the Scenes.

“This is one day a year that we ask our colleagues to do what they can to support their friends and colleagues – any one of whom might need the help of Behind the Scenes at any time,” said John Simpson, chairman of Behind the Scenes in the U.K. “None of us know what lies around the corner and while we hope that a carefree existence lies ahead for us all, unfortunately we know that’s unlikely. It might be a friend who falls ill, a complete stranger who is injured or it might be you – either way, it’s reassuring to know that help is out there should the worst happen.”

Behind the Scenes provides financial support via grants which are tailored to each individual. Uses include basic living costs, medical related expenses, transportation and funeral expenses. While the charity has been supporting individuals and their families in North America for nine years, this year is the first time that U.K. proceeds will be donated to Behind the Scenes, following its launch in the U.K. in Autumn 2014.

As a registered charity, donations made to Behind the Scenes are tax deductible in the U.S. and can be easily Gift Aided by U.K. taxpayers, making them worth even more.

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