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Cine Gear Expo Announces Finalists for 2017 Film Competition


LR-CineGearCameraShotJune 1, 2017 kicks off a busy schedule for Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios. The 4-day event starts with a day of screenings in the Sherry Lansing Theater followed by two days of the highly anticipated Equipment Exhibition. The weekend will once again include expert panel discussions on top feature films and the Student Short Film, Independent Short Film, and Music Video and Commercial Competitions. The team of judges includes top cinematographers Amy Vincent ASC, Robert Primes ASC and actor Nick Turturro.
The annual four-day expo starts off with screenings of the Film Competition finalists on Thursday, June 1, in Paramount’s Sherry Lansing Theatre. Winners in each category will receive generous prizes including a variety of top filmmaking tools—cameras, lighting, accessories, and support—thanks to donations from the renowned Film Series Sponsors.
Independent Short Film Competition Finalists:
  • Gumshoe and Stiletto, Matt Steinauer Director
  • In the Night, Joshua Erkman Director
  • Nano, Mike Manning Director
  • Monsters, Steve Desmond Director
  • Fragile Storm, Dawn Fields Director
  • LIMBO, Will Blank Director
  • Strangers In The Park, Gabriel De Santiago Director
  • Hala, Minhal Baig Director
  • Baggage, Johnny Healy Director
  • The Eliminadora, PJ Gaynard Director


Commercials/Music Video Finalists:

  • Coca Cola 1944, Jeff Jingle Director
  • Fickle Friends “Crybaby”, Brother Willis Director
  • CR7 Underwear Commercial, Joel Gill Director
  • SOHN Signal, Milla Jovoich Director
  • Slayer, BJ McDonnell Director
  • These Are My Boots, Nico Johnston Director
  • “Hope” Dominic Balli (Official Music Video), Tony Cruz Director
  • “Let Them Fall”, Arcane Station feat, Marianne Hekkilæ, Christopher Meyers Director
  • Cell Biology by MindMuzic (Educational Hip-Hop), Kristopher Kaltenbach Director
  • Black Wave, Jeremy Cole Director


Student Short Finalists:

  • Manners of Dying, Bo-You Niou Director
  • Icarus, Tom Teller Director
  • Death in a Day, Lin Wang Director
  • Lockdown, Max Sokoloff Director
  • No Way Back, Michael Kongshaug Director
  • Zaire, Joshua Benson Director
  • The Fare, Santiago Paladines Director
Screening tickets are available for purchase individually or via a Film Series Pass for all screenings at
On the evening of June 2, Cine Gear will host its Industry Reception and Awards Ceremony from 8:00pm – 11:00pm at The Paramount Theater and Paseo Grounds. The awards ceremony recognizes individuals and manufacturers who have performed outstanding service and made significant contributions to advancing the arts and crafts of filmmaking. Honors will be presented for Technical Lifetime Achievement, Cinematography Lifetime Achievement and to the Film Festival Competition winners.
On Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3, visitors are invited to a free series of seminars and panel discussions conducted by esteemed equipment makers such as Sony, Panasonic, Zeiss, Adorama, Leica, Tiffen, RED, Blackmagic and Canon, as well as distinguished industry associations including: The American Society of Cinematographers, Local 600,The Society of Camera Operators, and The Digital Cinema Society. Visit for the seminar schedule.
Sony will present a surprise Special Film Screening in the Paramount Theatre on the evening of June 2. Free to registered attendees, this showing is subject to availability so Cine Gear encourages early arrival.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to register for a series of master classes on Sunday, June 4. DoP, Henry Braham, BSC will discuss the cinematography of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in a Master Class sponsored by RED Digital Cinema. This three-hour session will be comprised of a lecture, hands-on demo, and a footage review. Also on the schedule is the ARRI and Cine Gear sponsored Lighting Master Class, where expert cinematographers will demonstrate and discuss their techniques and problem solving skills.
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