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Cut+Run Promotes Sean Stender to Editor


Cut+Run announced today that Sean Stender has been promoted to editor. While working in a dual capacity as an assistant and editor, Stender was nominated for an AICE award in 2015 for his contribution to the massive, multi-editor campaign for Starbucks. He was then nominated this year, alongside Sam Ostrove, on their co-edited Kendrick Lamar, “Witness Greatness” video for the Grammy’s and agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day. In 2015, he won a D&AD award for “Branded film content/entertainment” for Levi‘s Oakland skateboarding video.

“Sean has a great combination of creativity, perfection, and the understanding of how to collaborate with directors and agency clients. Over and over, we receive feedback and requests to work with him,” explained US managing director, Michelle Eskin. “We have had a pleasure of witnessing Sean’s dedication to formally mastering his craft, alongside Steve [Gandolfi] and other editors at Cut+Run, and are excited to officially promote him to editor.”


Sean Stender
Sean Stender

Born and raised in San Fernando Valley, Stender grew up immersed in the punk rock culture. A self-taught musician, he spent hours locked away, learning how to play Clash and Minor Threat songs until his fingers were raw. Stender went on to start his own band, and released a 7 inch vinyl record titled, Valley Rats. His love for music is what inevitably introduced him to film, allowing him to channel his unique sense of rhythmic timing and pace from his days of playing in bands.

As an in-house editor at Reactor Films, he collaborated closely with directors, editing their director’s cuts, commercials, and music videos. On the recommendation of director friends, Stender contacted Cut+Run, and worked his way up to apprentice with Steve Gandolfi before becoming an editor.

“I love the immediacy of editing, and of being able to see the results of the creative process as it happens,” Stender commented. “It has been exciting to hone in on my craft and develop my career at Cut+Run. I am thrilled to officially assume the role of editor.”

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