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Film Festival to Promote a Week of Love, Peace, & Healing Through Cinema


The 2016 Love International Film Festival (LIFF) is confirmed for July 8th – 16th at the iconic Crest Theatre in Westwood, CA. The event will focus on bringing films and filmmakers from across an international community whose work embodies the fundamental message of love and progress.

We live in a world where the threat of chaos challenges every nation and every individual; fear of violence, hatred, persecution, and the maniacal misuse of religion personifies and shapes our daily lives. It is the goal of the LIFF to deflect from the negativity, in turn opening the world’s eyes to the universal beauty that so often goes unseen.

The LIFF feels that art can be used to inspire, to heal, and to ultimately bring us all closer as human beings; to grow as a unified world, no longer separated by race, religion, gender and economics. The LIFF believes that we can use the art of cinema to teach and remind children that love, peace, and forgiveness are the way to live a more healthy and enlightened life.

“Where words fail, art can succeed. These forms of communication can transcend the political or cultural boundaries that exist.” –Ata Servati – Founder, LIFF & TLLCC

Proceeds from the upcoming Love International Film Festival will go directly to The Lotus Light Children Charity (TLLCC), to assist in the education of underprivileged children across the globe through arts and cinema.

The LIFF and TLLCC is funded by the highly acclaimed and prize wining spiritual poet Ata Servati. Mr. Servati is also a noted actor and filmmaker.

The LIFF’ kicks off on July 8th at the famous Santa Monica eatery Flame International for a private opening ceremony. The festival will continue throughout the week with all day screenings at the iconic Crest Theatre in Westwood, CA; official selections and show times will be announced at on June 16th; they will also be released via Facebook and Twitter. July 16th will bring the festival to a close with an extravagant and celebrity-attended closing ceremony at the historic Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

The closing ceremony will honor prestigious recipients who have encompassed the elements of love and made a humanitarian difference around the globe. Twenty-two additional awards will be chosen by a panel of judges for the festivals most-celebrated films and filmmakers. Many celebrities, performers, and special guests are confirmed for attendance; immediate ticket purchases are encouraged, as this will be a sold out event.

Tickets for the festival and closing ceremony can be purchased at

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