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FilmLight Rolls Out 5.0 Across its Entire Product Range


Baselight 5.0 perspective tracking
Baselight 5.0 perspective tracking

FilmLight has announced that it will demonstrate its version 5.0 color tools at NAB 2017. Longtime users will benefit from a consistent and familiar user experience, from the flagship Baselight color grading and finishing system, through Baselight Editions, to Daylight and the new on-set application, Prelight.

“We are delivering 5.0 everywhere, bringing a new level of color control and creative possibilities from the very start of a production right to the final deliverables,” said Wolfgang Lempp, CEO of FilmLight. “And, importantly, color and artistic intent is accompanying all deliverables precisely and with minimum effort, be it for HDR and SDR or even 360 VR grading.”

Version 5.0 reportedly introduces a new Base Grade that accurately mimics the way the eye sees color to yield a more natural feel, that aims to give wsmooth, consistent changes in the controls. 5.0 also attempts to blur the line between traditional color correction and VFX with new features such as paint, perspective tracking, warping, depth keying, relighting and more.

NAB visitors can explore the new functionality in a number of demonstration areas, including on Baselight ONE, the compact system designed for any size of color suite, Baselight TWO, the all-around solution, and Baselight X, which provides ultra-high bandwidth for the most demanding projects.

Sam Chynoweth, colorist at Animal Logic, recently graded The LEGO Batman Movie on Baselight 5.0. “When grading the latest feature in the LEGO movie franchise, we were able to get all those colors from the big-screen version into the 709 deliverable with minimal compromise. Baselight’s gamut compression tool just revolutionises the way you do it.

“We are very excited by many of the new tools in Baselight 5.0, such as the world-space matte feature and GL shaders, which will save us a lot of time and allow us to write specific tools for production,” he added. “Baselight has allowed us to push the grading process right back to become a key part of production, and not just post.”

Bringing colour control and the FilmLight BLG (Baselight Linked Grade) metadata system to the shoot is the new Prelight ON-SET, a macOS app for preview and grading. A key feature on display will be the ARRI Alexa SXT and Panasonic Varicam integration, with both cameras supporting BLG or grade metadata. Additionally, Daylight 5.0, the powerful dailies platform for shot management and high-performance transcoding, will be demonstrated.

Version 5.0 also reaches Baselight Editions, the plugins for Avid and NUKE. While Baselight for Avid and NUKE 5.0 both enjoy the benefits of the Base Grade as well as colour tools such as midtone contrast and filters for denoise and deflicker, Baselight for NUKE harnesses the boosted functionality in the version 5.0 BLG. This allows Baselight to act as a multi-input node in NUKE so that BLG files can refer to multiple input images and OpenEXR channels.

FilmLight products will also be featured at other booths during NAB. Sony and Dolby, long-term clients and technology partners of FilmLight, have implemented Baselight across their facilities worldwide to deploy high-resolution, high-bit depth HDR grading and finishing. At booth SU1702, Dolby’s colorists will present the Dolby Vision content creation workflow and process using the Baselight toolset. On booth C11001 Sony and FilmLight will demonstrate their joint solutions for delivering HDR and Ultra HD 4K content, from Prelight ON-SET, through the Daylight dailies platform, to the Baselight final grade with X-OCN/RAW F5 and F55 footage.

ARRI specialists on booth C7925 will show an on-set HDR monitoring setup with the ALEXA SXT and Prelight, displayed on the new Canon DP-V2420 HDR 1000nit monitor.

New partner Black Box (booth SL9321) will present Baselight with the FilmLight Slate control surface, working in conjunction with their Black Box KVM. This new solution allows customers to increase the distance between operators and their Baselight systems in line with their operational, IT or security requirements.

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