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Indie Sound Effects Marketplace ‘A Sound Effect’ Turns Two and Celebrates with 70% Off Sale


A Sound Effect, the community-based, sound effects online marketplace, celebrates its second birthday this week. A Sound Effect is home to a massive, curated collection of sound effects, created by the best sound designers and recordists in the world. The unique collections at A Sound Effect offer a focused alternative to conventional, cover-it-all sound libraries allowing editors to buy smaller, targeted libraries, as they need them.

A Sound Effect covers everything that makes a noise – from animals, creatures, human sounds and Foley, to destruction and impact, weapons, and ambiences from all over the world, as well as modern transportation and manufacturing sounds like Tesla electric cars and 3D printers. An online resource for anyone creating content, A Sound Effect serves as a marketplace for the independent sound community to buy and sell specialized libraries featuring unique and targeted sounds affordably and efficiently.

To celebrate two successful years of supplying sound effects to top TV and film editors around the globe, the online store is having its largest sale ever with 100s of popular sound effects libraries on sale right now, at up to 70% off. The sale runs through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“A Sound Effect is a great asset to have discovered”, said Wayne Pashley, supervision sound editor/re-recording mixer, The Lego Movie & Mad Max: Fury Road, “We found the site very easy to navigate, purchasing and downloads were effortless and the effects themselves are awesome! Asbjoern has done us all a great service. We’ll definitely be back!”

Founded by composer and producer Asbjoern Andersen, A Sound Effect was created as a one stop shop for the many and varied high-quality libraries that were previously available only to those lucky enough to be able to find them. Anderson’s marketplace was built to bring content creators and sound designers together, making it easier than ever before to access fresh, hard to find sounds from any corner of the planet.

“I launched A Sound Effect because I noticed that my colleagues in the sound community were releasing some truly incredible sound effect libraries on their own,” said Anderson. “These guys are some of the best in the world when it comes to sound design and field recording – and their libraries are created with talent, passion and feature unique recordings you can’t get anywhere else.”

“Finding the right sounds, for many editors, proved to be a time consuming and frequently monumental task since most libraries were scattered across a myriad of individual websites. With A Sound Effect, you can now search, preview, compare and get exactly the sounds you’re after – all in one place,” added Anderson.

A Sound Effect offers a single, simple license agreement for all the independent sound libraries on the site. This means that no matter how many individual sound designers a user purchases from, they’re always covered by the same, clear agreement.

The sale runs till November 29th.

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