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The International Cinematographers Guild to Host a Production Panel “Shooting VR for Post” at the VRLA Trade Show, April 14


Eve M Cohen
Eve M Cohen

The International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE, ICG Local 600) has announced that they will host a production panel at the Virtual Reality Trade Show and Conference (VRLA) on Friday, April 14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. (Time TBD)

The session, which is part of the VRLA’s professional programming, will be moderated by Michael Chambliss, a technology specialist and ICG business representative whose main focus is on production technologies impacting directors of photography and their camera crews for both film and television.

Steven Poster ASC, national president of the ICG said, “The VR world brings new and exciting ways of seeing the world. It also brings a sharper learning curve into the lives of the entire camera department which is why the ICG invests in training. As creatives, it is important for our craft that we stay ahead of the curve, expand the curve, and be a part of the conversation moving forward.”

In live VR production, “fixing it in post” takes on a whole new dimension, impacting both the creative and technical decisions made on set. How does the Cinematographer collaborate with the Director to design shots and block action with the strengths and drawbacks of stitching algorithms in mind? How does the Cinematographer develop the look and manage color (with the DIT) in the absence of established color pipelines? What are some of the tips and tricks for shooting live action that will blend with 360-degree CG? What is the most effective way to design VR workflows from set to post?

This panel is focused on the practical aspects of VR production with leading VR filmmakers sharing how they combine innovation and years of experience to shoot the highest quality live action VR footage possible with today’s technology.

Panel Participants include:

Dane Brehm, Digital Imaging Technician, ICG 

Brehm has been trailblazing live action acquisition and workflows since 2003. His unique perspective on the Director of Photography’s needs has helped him solve a wide range of workflow challenges on productions using modern array cameras. Brehm’s VR clients include Alcatel, Golden State Warriors, Zolando, Marlboro, IMAX, and Legendary Entertainment. His non-VR credits include Suicide Squad and Pretty Little Liars.

Andrew Cochrane, Director/Technical Advisor

Andrew Cochrane is a director working in interactive and immersive mediums such as virtual and augmented reality, installations, live events and mobile and web apps. Many of his recent projects were through Mirada’s exciting digital/interactive group, and focused on combining the company’s passion for storytelling with new forms of immersion and interaction. Some of Cochrane’s recent credits include directing a VR tour of Google’s retail program, the intro for Google’s Jump 360º video platform, and a commercial for the Barco Escape theater system featuring M&Ms. Cochrane also created and directed a real-time visual piece for Intel that was featured in their RealSense Anthem ad campaign and at their CES 2016 showcase. Additionally, Cochrane was the technical supervisor on VR experiences for Mr. Robot, The Strain, and for content commissioned by General Electric and Michigan Football

Eve M. Cohen, Director of Photography, ICG 

Dane Brehm
Dane Brehm

Eve M. Cohen is a cinematographer whose work ranges from independent feature films to television series, documentaries, and live-action virtual reality. Her credits include the VR short films The Visitor, which premiered at Slamdance 2016, Hard World For Small Things, which premiered at Sundance the same year, and the upcoming Memory Slave. Eve shot the feature film Be Somebody, a 2016 Paramount release, and worked on episodes in season four and five of the HBO series VICE.

Evan Pesses, Director of Photography, ICG

The Astronauts Guild partner Evan Pesses is an advanced technology Cinematographer focusing on virtual reality. Evan’s VR credits include branded content for Chevy, NFL, Intel, and Kawasaki along with numerous concerts, experiential shorts and music videos. Evan also shoots traditional content and his credits include independent feature films, music videos and commercials, where he specializes in high-speed, underwater and stereoscopic capture. Pesses continues to live on the edge of next generation image making. He was behind the camera on the first feature film simultaneously photographed and streamed live on the worldwide platform Facebook Live. Stream was produced for Crypt TV, Eli Roth and Blumhouse Productions and received more than 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours.

Andrew Shulkind, Director of Photography, ICG

Andrew Shulkind is an award-winning cinematographer known as much for his seamless integration of visual effects and innovative technologies as for his refined and painterly use of lighting. Until 2014, Shulkind worked solely in feature film and broadcast advertising for studios and clients such as Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Apple, Adidas, AT&T, Budweiser, Google, Old Spice and Samsung.

Known for finding new ways of bringing stories to life, Shulkind is on the leading edge of virtual reality content creation and cinematic, virtual reality capture technology. He was hired to shoot one of the earliest commercial VR projects and tapped his experience photographing 3D, miniatures and visual effects-heavy content to build a 32K RAW, 360? VR camera rig for the project. The rig remains the highest resolution, professional grade VR acquisition devise on the market.

Shulkind continues to design VR camera arrays and consults with advertisers, brands, studios and the US military to strategize execution and implementation of both VR and mixed reality content and to explore new forms of acquisition such as volumetric capture and light field photography. He is often called upon to beta test new products, but still relishes shooting traditional projects where he can refine his use of classic filmmaking tools.

Moderator, Michael Chambliss, ICG

Michael Chambliss is a technologist and business representative for the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG), IATSE Local 600, focused on new production technologies impacting directors of photography and their camera crews. He earned a Peabody Award as the Director/DP on the documentary It Works. His credits include work on Traffic, Rat Race, Perfect Storm, The Italian Job, Ocean’s 11, Scrub and Pushing Daisies.

A specialist in motion picture and television production technology, Michael has been part of the development of patented workflow innovations and on-set robotics systems and has served as a consultant for venture investment groups. He is a member of the American Society of Cinematographer‘s Technology and Virtual Cinema Committees and is the ICG’s representative on USC’s Entertainment Technology Center projects.

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