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Former Panavision Exec Jennifer Kuwabara Joins Innovative Artists as Agent in Production Division


Jennifer Kuwabara
Jennifer Kuwabara image via EBComs

Innovative Artists has hired former Panavision marketing executive Jennifer Kuwabara as an agent in its Production division.

A 25-year industry veteran who has a sterling reputation among cinematographers, studios, and production crews at Panavision in both Hollywood and Woodland Hills, having worked with artisans from concept to completion on every budget level.

Kuwabara understands each production’s technology needs, as well as the financial constraints involved — from high-budget films, television and commercials, to independent films, and she is known as a strong negotiator.

“Jen has been a close collaborator, a tireless advocate, and a beloved part of my filmmaking family for over 20 years, and I’m excited to continue working with her in this new role,” longtime collaborator Steve Yedlin, ASC, said in a statement.

“With so many of our top clients having worked with Jennifer for more than two decades, she already possesses the management style that has made us so successful. The dedication to her clients and commitment to her work make her a perfect addition to the team,” added Debbie Haeusler, who leads Innovative Artist’s production department.

“I’ve admired the work that Innovative Artists does for its roster for years now,” said Kuwabara, a former dancer who previously worked in the non-profit sector. “I’m a huge fan of cinematography, production design, and costume design. The meeting of art and science to deliver an emotional response, while inventing a visual language, is what gets me out of bed every day. I’m delighted to start working as a production agent with Innovative’s brilliant clients.”

Innovative Artists is a full-service agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York. For more than 30 years, its production department has been a pillar of the company, representing a prominent group of artists in the film, television, commercial, and music video production world. Innovative’s production roster includes producers, cinematographers, production designers, editors, costume designers, stunt coordinators, second unit directors, first assistant directors, and visual effects supervisors and producers.

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