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Manios Digital & Film to Show New Cartoni Products at Cine Gear and Matthews’ Garage Sale


LR-cartoni_manios_sqCartoni USA and Manios Digital & Film have announced that they will demonstrate the latest additions to Cartoni’s line of camera accessories at two events this weekend in Hollywood.

Lambda 25 3rd Axis is a new accessory for Cartoni’s Lambda 25, a nodal fluid head for specialty pan and tilt shots. The new attachment allows operators to perform complete 360° rotation on a third axis, making it ideal for shooting underslung off a jib arm, dolly, crane or slider.

Total Dutch similarly builds on Cartoni’s Dutch head, expanding the canted angle to full 360° rotation. It can be mounted to any heavy-duty pan-and-tilt head and provides nodal settings to camera packages up to 25 kg.

“Lambda 25 3rd Axis and Total Dutch provide operators with new freedom to be creative,” said Manios Digital & Film president Steve Manios Jr. “It’s now possible to achieve 360-degree rotation with perfect control. And both products provide the Italian craftsmanship and reliability that are Cartoni hallmarks.”

Lambda 25 & Total Dutch
Lambda 25 & Total Dutch

At Cine Gear Expo, Total Dutch will be on display in the Cartoni/Manios Digital & Film booth. At the Matthews Studio Equipment booth, Lambda 25 3rd Axis will be on display, mounted on a Dutti dolly.

Cartoni USA and Manios Digital & Film will also take part in Matthews Studio Equipment‘s annual Garage Sale Party, Sunday, June 4, in Burbank. There, a Cartoni Lambda 25 head will be part of a special demonstration put on by Grip Support owner and founder Greg Flores. The head will be mounted to a classic 1964 Ford Thunderbird and used to execute a variety of creative camera moves.

Cartoni has been the industry leader in nodal camera heads for more than 25 years. The company was awarded a 2016 Technical Achievement Award from the Society of Camera Operators (SOC) for the development of Lambda 25. “Cartoni Lambda has become the go-to head for all types of special effects shots,” explained Manios. “Compete rotation and panning of the head is possible at the same time with zero gravity weight. This is achieved by balancing the camera’s weight on both the horizontal and vertical axis of the Lambda.”

Schedule for the upcoming events:

Cine Gear Expo

Exhibits: June 2 – 4

The Studios at Paramount, Hollywood

Manios Digital & Film, Booth 57



Mathews Studio Equipment Garage Sale Party

Sunday, June 4th, 2 – 6 p.m.

4520 W. Valerio St.

Burbank, CA 91505

Free Registration:

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