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ARRI Is The Official Lighting Provider For The Sundance Film Festival


One of the most prominent camera and lighting system businesses in the industry, ARRI, is playing a large role at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. For the 40th anniversary of the fest, ARRI is the Official Lighting Provider. Anyone at Park City attending screenings and premieres will enjoy some of the most cutting edge, modern lighting around.

ARRI, which is owned by Illumination Dynamics, provided SkyPanel S30-C, SkyPanel S60-C, and ARRI Orbiter fixtures to the festival. “ARRI is honored to partner with the Sundance Institute as the Official Lighting Provider for this milestone 40th Sundance Film Festival,” said Dr. Matthias Erb, Chairman of the Executive Board at ARRI.

The company considers itself proud to literally shine a line on independent filmmakers and crew members, celebrating their achievements and hard work. “Our versatile, high-quality lighting solutions are helping to create an enhanced visual environment to showcase the tremendous filmmaking talent that Sundance celebrates each year,” Dr. Raphael Kiesel, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Lighting at ARRI, added.

The lights will bring a cinematic yet authentic quality to the proceedings, which is fitting for the Robert Redford-founded festival. “As we mark our 40th Sundance Film Festival, we are excited to collaborate with ARRI and use their innovative lighting technologies to help us create dynamic festival environments and shine a light on all the creators who are taking part in press lines before introducing their films to audiences at the Festival,” said Tammie Rosen, Chief Communications Officer, Sundance Institute.

The Sundance Film Festival began yesterday and goes until January 28th in Park City, Salt Lake City. 

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