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NAB 2017: FOR-A to Focus on Integration, 12G and IP as Path to Full HD and 4K


FOR-A's new HVS-490 video switcher
FOR-A’s new HVS-490 video switcher

FOR-A has announced that they will showcase over 15 new products at 2017 NAB SHOW in April, continuing their construction of a comprehensive IP and 12G-SDI infrastructure.

Exhibiting in NAB booth #C5117, FOR-A will re-affirm its reported emphasis on product integration with a range of new production switchers, routers, multi-viewers, IP/SDI converters and transport gateways, high-speed cameras, and 3D graphic systems.

“Our top take-away for NAB visitors to our booth this year is just how well our products function as part of a team,” said Hiro Tanoue, FOR-A Corporation of America, president. “They are well integrated and work in tandem to accomplish a complete integrated solution. More of our current customers are experiencing this first hand, as we see a significant trend toward selling our multi-viewers, routers, switchers and gateways as part of an overall package.”

Among the introductions in the FOR-A booth will be: the HVS-490 video switcher; MBP-200TB2 SDI Gateway with Thunderbolt interface; MBP-500VS multi-channel video server; ClassX 3D graphic system; expanded MV-4000 multi-viewer series; FT-ONE-LS-12G Full-4K high-speed camera; VFC-7000A variable frame rate camera; MCC-4K motion-compensated standards converter; MFR-3000 3G-SDI routing switcher; MFR-4000, MFR-5000, and MFR-8000 12G-SDI based routing switchers; the Fujitsu IP-HE950 H.265 IP-based transport product; and new USF Series IP/SDI gateway converters, which currently accepts ASPEN,  NMI and SMPTE2022-5/6 specifications, with others to follow shortly.

FOR-A FA-9600 signal processor.
FOR-A FA-9600 signal processor.

“Our 12G-SDI backbone allows our customers to use and expand their infrastructure with familiar technologies while establishing a greenfield SDI facility. With a 12G-SDI set up, the same line of coax transports 4K, HD (1.5G and 3G), and SD signals. The installation is easier and less expensive with less wiring to deal with. Our goal is to help our customers along the way into 4K by using our 12G-SDI and IP-based systems. And thanks to its increased commercial availability, we’re pleased that implementing a 4K workflow is now easier and more affordable,” continued Tanoue.

FOR-A will also demonstrate the high dynamic range capability of its products, such as the new FA-9600 UHD/HD/SD multi-purpose signal processor and FA-505 multi-channel signal processor, within a production suite at the company’s NAB booth. The FA-9600 is a one rack-mount unit that supports 4K, 12G-SDI, HDR, and wide color gamut (WCG). It incorporates color correction, up/down/cross conversion, and audio processing. It also enables mutual conversion of HDR and SDR. The MCC-4K frame rate converter will also be shown for the first time ever at NAB 2017. The MCC-4K enables frame rate converting of 4K resolution and supports up/down conversion between 4K and HD.

FOR-A’s virtual reality system, VRCAM, will be shown fully integrated with SmartDirect, the company’s real-time character generation platform. The ACK-3000, introduced at NAB last year, will also be shown within the Virtual Studio area of the booth. The ACK-3000 is FOR-A’s most advanced multi-format Chroma Keyer. The ACK-3000 generates a 3D virtual human keyed shadow that provides realistic form and depth within live composite video.

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